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Shower function:

  • the rearwash ensures particularly thorough rear cleansing
  • the gentle ladywash for front cleansing offers a completely new feeling of freshness
  • a panorama spray with adjustable spray width ensures pleasant cleansing with a great wellness factor
  • the oscillating comfort wash with nozzle that moves backwards and forwards offers intensive cleansing
  • a pulsating wash with varying intensity is invigorating
  • the water temperature and pressure, as well


  • all functions can be operated easily and safely via the remote control
  • the full-surface heated seat has three temperature settings, whilst an integrated sensor makes sure that the desired temperature is always maintained
  • innovative SoftClosing technology ensures the gentle and silent closing of the seat and lid
  • up to three individual user settings can be stored and activated whenever required
  • LED lighting for night-time orientation in the bathroom


  • the special, anti-bacterial surface coating and the high-quality stainless steel nozzle don’t give dirt a chance
  • intelligent nozzle functions with particularly hygienic ionised water – pure water for perfect cleansing
  • sophisticated design concept with a clear focus on minimising edges, corners and joints prevents the accumulation of dirt
  • automatic cleaning of the nozzle before and after each use always ensures
    optimum cleanliness


  • active protection of drinking water that meets all statutory safety requirements. The connection to the drinking water supply as per EN 1717 prevents dirty water from being sucked back into the drinking water. Safety equipment is not required and no additional costs are incurred
  • Water is heated by an energy-efficient instant water heater, which only heats the amount of water actually required
  • overall, a lower consumption of electricity and water than with conventional shower toilets – this saves both money and resources!


ViClean-L is a unique shower toilet that strikes a balance between aesthetics and practicality and that does so with impressive ease. The shower toilet was developed in cooperation with Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, founders of the high-profile Something design studio with headquarters in London and Verona. The design is as fresh and as captivatingly simple as nature itself. Its outstanding design sets aesthetic standards with every detail perfectly formed.

Perfect hygiene

Clever technologies and solutions ensure hygienic cleanliness of the shower toilet:

  • Rimless DirectFlush toilet
  • Dirt-repellent CeramicPlus surface
  • High-quality stainless steel nozzle
  • Automatic cleaning of the nozzle before and after each use with specially ionised water

Easy installation

The shower toilet can be installed quickly and with minimal effort

  • ViClean-L coordinates perfectly with the wall-mounted toilet from the Subway 2.0 collection
  • Compatible with ViConnect installation systems for quick and easy installation
  • Matching installation sets are available

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