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Summer is just around the corner, and now is probably the best time to change the style of your bathroom to better suit the warmth of summer.

Because summer is (mostly) associated with sunshine, blossomed plants, and warmth, it's time to give your bathroom the same look. Below you will find 5 tips and tricks that will turn your bathroom in the best summer-styled room in your house.

Add Living Plants

When designing and furnishing their bathroom, people usually don't consider using plants. More often than not, their argument is that there's simply not enough space in a bathroom for a plant to grow. However, even a small plant can make your bathroom come to life and create a more welcoming space. The beauty of plants is that they come in almost limitless shapes, sizes, and colours. This offers a broad palette of choices, ensuring that even if you are the most fastidious bathroom owner, you will find an arrangement that will suit your taste. All types of plants, from flowers, to green plants, and even air plants can be used to create a summer-like feeling.

Create Better Lighting

Most bathrooms have a single window, and depending on where you live, that window might actually be too small to allow enough natural light to come in. If you live in an apartment, changing this might prove to be a bit more work than you'd expect. Build a skylight or installing a larger window by knocking down a portion of the wall can help to create a bathroom that allows more natural light to come in, especially during these long summer days. If this seems a little difficult, don't worry. There may be another solution to your lighting woes. By simply adding some clever additional lighting or by replacing your current mirror with an light mirror, it is possible to create the feeling of a larger bathroom without encroaching on the available wall space (which can be a premium in many bathrooms).

Increase Storage to Decrease Clutter

Since summer promotes a lot of activities that are done out in the open, it would be a great choice to make your bathroom seem larger by maximising its overall usable area. There are many ways through which you can do this, but in the end, your goal should be to get rid of the clutter and improve the bathroom's overall aspect and functionality. Anything from narrow shelves, door hangers, and corner cabinets can increase your storage space and create the impression of a bigger bathroom.

Create a Statement

Your final goal for your bathroom for this summer should be to create a bold statement. Every room in the house has to have a welcoming contrast, especially the bathroom. Remember that you and your family won't be the only ones who use the bathroom; your house guests will probably use it as well. Whether you give your bathroom a tropical look with warm colours, or you go for a more nature-friendly aspect given by plants, your newly re-designed summer bathroom should ultimately be an oasis.

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