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  1. Daewon Dib W1500R - Electric toilet bidet seat

    The Daewon dib-1500R is a quality bidet seat that offers the same features as high-end units, but at a very affordable price. With this bidet you have the convenience of four customizable user presets, plus a hand-held wireless remote control. The remote can also be mounted for added accessibility. This bidet has an appealing sleek design and is manufactured of high-grade material. Among the many features are settings specifically designed for children, making it very youth-friendly and perfect for the entire family. With the remote you can set the water and seat temperature to your liking, as well as the water pressure. While seated on the comfortably contoured seat, you will experience true hygienic cleansing at its best with the massaging and oscillating function available at the push of a button. The germ-resistant seat has "quick release" which makes removal and cleaning extremely easy. Both the seat and the lid have a soft, gentle-closing function. This is a truly remarkable bidet which will give you many years of solid service and comes with a one-year limited warranty

    Regular Price: £773.14

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  2. Daewon Dib J500 - Electric shower toilet / No dryer

    The 2016 addition to the Dib Daewon product line is here. New slick design, combined with tested technology of the Korean Dib Daewon. It has all the features and functions of the much more expensive model, but without a Dryer / Fan. Making it great value for Money. Recommended for those who can't be bothered to wait a minute or longer for the Fan to dry them.

    Regular Price: £499.66

    Special Price £319.06

    As low as: £282.94
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2 Item(s)